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Job Hunt

Garr...Updating my resume is both really easy and a pain in my ass. There is SO MUCH advice out there for writing resumes - and much of it is conflicting, which makes it really difficult to know what your potential employers want. The good part is that I already had a master copy of my resume from although all the most important information has changed because it is woefully out of date, at least I don't have to format. I hate formatting.

I am super motivated to do this though...I've got slightly less than a month until moving day, and I found job openings on the 'net with Words and Numbers Publishing, where my friend Jennifer works, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore, where I have wanted to work since the tender age of 10 or so. And what job would be better for me than riding around in an 18-passenger van to elementary schools so I can teach children about fish for 25K a year?!? I can even make my own costumes for shits' sake!

(I'm so nervous, and I'm trying not to let myself know. I am one of those people who finds the best things in my life rather serendipitously. The paths I've chosen have sort of fallen in my lap, and have so far been good for me. What's going to happen now that I have to actually make decisions and fashion an existance for myself out of the things I've learned/experienced/gained over the last eight years? I've almost always been able to keep myself happy...but now I've got to make my life happen and that is extra scary to me.)

Also: does anyone know where I can find a fabulous apartment in Baltimore, preferably where I'm not in constant fear for my life?
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gwynne, the fish thing sounds mucho fun. i'm thinking of grad school for enviro education at the moment. i'm scared of more bills though. i saw something down in D.C. a few months back on for driving around in a rainforest tractor trailor to schools. i thought that sounded crazy fun.
anyways, try in baltimore?
i like your picture!
I just signed up. (I had it set up for Asheville from forever ago, but I switched it to Baltimore.)

You should move back here. I miss you!!

I'm going out sushi now.

Right near the Pimlico racetrack area is pretty nice -- at least, nothing particularly bad has happened yet --
Yeah, because I haven't moved there. Har!

In your that...lettuce?
it is green Jell-O wrapped in a lettuce leaf -- a "Jello Salad". In a pink bowl. Proper hideousness.

It sorta reminds me of Gaugin!
Your icon -- you look so whimsical --
You know- I know what your ideal job is... but I have no idea what jobs in your field would be "ok" for right now... here are some I found on craigslist- the first seems most appropriate- but then again, what do I know? hope this helps-