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Words and Numbers

Some things from work:

"Show Mari the Nazi mice!"

"Never let anyone tell you there is no stereotype of geologists."

"Care Bears are my worst nightmare."
"Planning pages is *my* worst nightmare. And daymare."

Sooo my coworkers have a sense of humor and I really like my new job. Well, not so much the job itself (since I do sort of feel like I'm back in school, but eighth grade) but *where* I work. The owner buys Starbucks beans, which are fresh-ground for each pot, for as much coffee as anyone cares to make, every day. I can take my break whenever I want during the day. I can come in whenever I feel like it and leave whenever I feel like it as long as I don't get overtime (which is calculated based on a 40 hour week, not an 80 hour pay period). And if I *do* work extra hours in a week I can keep track of it and use it as comp time later since I'm a contract employee with an hourly rate. There's even on-site daycare for the workers...and although that means nothing for me personally, it gives you a good idea of the company culture here. Wheee!

I'm actually thinking about making a career out of science writing. I'm pretty good at everything it requires, as far as I can tell...I might as well give it a shot. It's not like I can't write an article or two while I'm working full-time at Words and Numbers. If freelancing (or some combination of freelancing and scheduled hourly pay) panned out I'd have a lot more flexibility to travel, and I could move to a new location fairly easy in a few years if I wanted. There's a science writing grad program at UC Santa Cruz, but I'd have to live in-state for at least a year before starting, since there's a $15000 difference (!!!) in tuition. many options. And the chance to achieve my dream of living in the rainforest studying bats for a few years, while I make my millions in science journalism. *snicker*

In other news, I need to get a life! Now that I have income I really should be enjoying the area more. I don't do much but work and chill with Jenn and Sasha and the fam. I miss Carly like WOAH, and am considering whether she would press charges for kidnapping.
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