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Sooo I'm doing some brainstorming for my tattoo...I was going to get a full koi back piece, but I thought to myself: "Gwynne. Surely you can do better than *that*. I mean, come on, you're a total weirdo." I saw a chest piece in one of the mags in Explosive that was amazing...this girl was a seamstress so instead of getting a typical sacred heart tattoo she got a SACRED TOMATO PINCUSHION. She had a tape measure instead of a banner, and pins and needles instead of thorns. Now I've decided to get a Biology sacred heart...but I can't think of what the 'heart' should be. I considered using one of my monogeneans (the parasites I've done the majority of my research on...they're red after we stain them, and similar to a contact lens in shape) but that might be a little out there even for me. I want something people would recognise. I thought about getting the biological symbol, but too many people think it's a biohazard symbol. Any ideas? (The banner is going to be part of a DNA strand and I'm thinking about using insects instead of swallows to "commemorate" my insect research last summer.)

I've been tearing up reading material with a speed I haven't come close to since high school, when I had no car and very few friends. I'm re-learning spanish and I've revised my resume about nineteen times. I think tomorrow I'll take another walk in Gunpowder, and put together my parents' new bar stools for the kitchen.
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