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Hahah, I haven't written in a long time. LJ is like malarial fever: it comes and goes.

Soooo I moved, and the Eastern Shore did not crumble into the ocean like I planned/hoped. (Oh well.) I am now a proud Baltimoron.

My Valentines Day this year was fabulous. (Sorry, everyone.) I had a date - for once - and we went to Philly for the weekend and had great food and sex and I got a loverly present. (V Day question: It seems like single/grouchy people (including myself) are always griping about how much they hate Valentines Day. Does everyone *actually* feel bad on this day, or it is just what everyone is "supposed" to say/feel? Hardly anyone ever seems genuinely upset to me when they say something like "I hate this's only for the Evil Card Companies...I'm the only person I know without a date". This year of course it doesn't apply, but I've never actually felt bad about not having a date on Valentines Day; I've just been saying the same things everyone else is saying. Perhaps it is my complete lack of desire to be in a relationship, even though I think romance is totally fun. *shrug*)

I might have an editing job. If not I can apply at the Aquarium. Or the Science Center. woot.

Living with my parents while I look for an apartment is...driving me...just...a tiny bit...mad. "Why don't you go to bed? It's late!" "Mom, it's midnight." "Like I said, you should be in bed!" Arg.

I finally got my real, honest-to-God diploma in the mail, the day before I moved. Guess UMES finally got their shit together. Yay!

Um, I think that's it. Abridged, of course.
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