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A Revelation

While combating multiple problems with the register, customers, coworkers and kitchen equipment at once today, I realized something. I didn't get upset, or stressed, or even put on my "let's make the best of a bad situation" face. There has finally been enough negativity at work that I really, truly don't care anymore. After the kitchen constantly flooding, the negative attitude of the rest of the staff, not receiving the raise I've been promised for six months, and the financial instability of the business itself, I've finally said "fuck it...not my problem". I used to really care about this place...I've been here for three years and it's a great little business to work for. The owner is generous and I like my coworkers as people. I suppose it's just too disorganized, and morale is low enough that it can't be picked up again. The good news is that now I'm not taking *anything* personally (including constant insults from our general manager, who is miserable) with the result that I almost always have a great day here, even though things are going down the toilet. Wish I could have managed not to care so much all along.

I'd hate to think this is a metaphor for life though...
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